For enquiry, call 08180003578, 08180003579

For enquiry, call 08180003578, 08180003579


Fu-nergy Technologies Limited is a renewable energy solutions company that specializes in designing, assembling, and installing state-of-the-art power backup solutions to address energy deficit challenges in Nigeria. Our products are designed for both domestic and commercial uses.

Our brand of Hybrid Solar Inverter powerwall is compact, affordable, durable, and integrated with no external batteries; they come in varying colors that suit any interior decoration. Beyond enhancing aesthetics, they are made from materials that do not electrocute and automatically comes on when there is a power outage. Users can even go off-grid with our power solution.

Our powerwall comes ready to integrate seamlessly with solar, PHCN or DC, and generator enabling users to conveniently self-power their homes and businesses.

Our systems are more reliable than a normal backup power, with 24 months warranty, and can last long without the need for any major maintenance. They can easily be integrated with or without solar to provide home and business with continuous power, day and night.

Fu-nergy Technologies Limited has been in business for about a decade. It started as Naraton Technical Limited before the name was changed in 2018.


Need-based technical assessment

Customised design of solar systems

Installation of solar systems

Training and knowledge events

Technical advisory services

Customer support services


Fu-nergy products are used in many companies and households in several cities in Nigeria, providing innovative and efficient power solutions. Some of our partners are:

We build innovative renewable energy solutions that work